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The community dedicated to Zero/Yuki ♥
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The name says it all. You've somehow stumbled upon the community dedicated to Zero Kiryu and Yuki Cross of Hino Matsuri's popular series, Vampire Knight. This is a place for fans to get together and celebrate their relationship.

Joining is free and it would definitely rock if you did, however to prevent heat of any kind, we ask that you follow a few simple rules.

General Community Rules:

Stay on topic. All posts that are made in this community must have something to do with the pairing/subject or characters involved. Obviously, that would be Zero and Yuki. Spamming is not tolerated, and your post will be deleted.

Icons are most definitely allowed! A maximum of 3 icons may be posted outside of a livejournal cut. Please make sure that your icons are under the livejournal format.

Fan art & Fan fiction are allowed. Make sure they're Zero, Yuki or ZeKi centered though. Place large fanarts behind a cut. If it exceeds 200x200 then it must be placed under the cut. That goes for fanfiction too. We don't want the layout to stretch.

Watch out for spoilers. Please post them behind a cut. We don't want people biting each others' heads off!

We encourage discussions. If you have something to say about the pairing, be it your opinion or just a statement, go ahead and post. We'd love to hear from you. However make sure that it has not been said already. If the post with the same subject have already been posted, there is no need to repeat. Just second the statement on the post.

NC-17 material is allowed, but we ask that you state a warning and that you place the material behind a cut.

Bashing, arguing or trolling of any kind is not allowed. We won't tolerate it and it may result with a ban.

• As always enjoy your stay, have fun and spread the Zero/Yuki love! ♥

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